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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

i am missing my kids!!!

this is an obvious statement, but behind it is a lot of pain and a deep desire to be with them. my daughter is having some trouble with the current carer and not only am i not able to do anything to help her, i am not allowed to be involved in any help for her! yet she wants her dad (ME) to help her and make it all okay.

life is a big pile of shit and i haven't got a snorkel long enough to allow me to breathe and get my thoughts sorted out.

it's late (or early depending on your point of view) and i cannot calm down, get into that relaxed, chilled, eventually sleepy mood and yet tomorrow i've got a busy day!!! my girlfriend cannot lift a fucking box, (it's man's work!) yet i have athritus (sorry 4 the spelling) and a spinal injury amongst other things and i had to move it!!! I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!

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