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Friday, 25 February 2011

cheating social service

its happened again, the local authority and associated agencies are changing the rules at the last minute. when my children were put into care numerous issues were high-lighted as the cause for their removal. social services had a great time telling me and my partner what was wrong and yet they never offered to help. yes i admit there were issues but over this last seven and a half years me and my girlfriend have addressed and solved many of them.

so we go to the courts saying it is time to look at returning our children to us and we have invited the local authority and their associated cohorts to examine in detail all we have done, we are open and willing to be closely scrutinized. but now, now the people in charge are saying the children are emotionally damaged, suffering from numerous mental ailments and as such we are not capable of looking after them! now some might say we deserve it but that is not the point here... the point is we have done all they asked of us with out any support from the local authority and now its,

thats not enough.

how are any parents able to get their children back if they are always one step behind their children's needs?

Monday, 21 February 2011

haven't been here for a while. its not that i lead a sad and lonely life, its just damn hard and complicated! medication, mood swings athritic pain and the constant 'buzz' of head pain ... and the days gone by the time i manage it all.