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Monday, 22 February 2010

a start

here i go with my first blog! been using the internet and a computer for about a decade now. a decision was reached to become a blogger, can't tell you why, can't even think of 'owt decent to put on it yet. maybe i should start with its title

I suffer with mental illness, i can manage it normally with tablets and therapy, what i can't manage is the lack of consideration... no thats the wrong word, it'll do until i find a better one a lack of consideration in public! i don' use a wheelchair, nor a white stick or guide dog but panic attacks (which doesnt do justice to what happens)and a desire to hide at home never wanting to leave the house is invisible (my favourite response to a panic attack was been called a layabout drunk!).
this causes a great deal of frustration and at times anger (at myself and others)which only makes it worse. i try not to inconvenience people with my illness but at times a little sympathy and some space to work it through is all i need! you try explaining that in less than a minute when the world stars spinning and the monsters appear. no, just a tut of disapproval and quiet nasty comments at a level meant to be just heard and a look in their eyes of fear(?)